We specialize in apple varieties, especially sweet, tart and juicy Honeycrisp. At Schwallier’s Country Basket, we grow and offer over 15 varieties of apples, including Ginger Gold, Paula Red, Gala, McIntosh, Empire, Cortland, Jonathan, Jonagold and Golden Delicious. See below for descriptions and estimated ripening times.* Buy them by the bushel, the peck (heck, we might even give you a hug around the neck).

(*Please note: These are estimated ripening times only. Every season is different, based on weather and other factors. For the most up to date u-pick information, please check our Facebook page or give us a call before you plan to pick. Thanks!)

Variety Est. Ripening Date Eating/Cooking Comments
Ginger Gold September 8th Eating Yellow-Green apple, slightly tart
Zestar Late August Eating & Cooking Red-Yellow apple, sweet-tart, crisp juicy zesty
Blondee September 10th Eating & Baking Yellow, sweet, crunchy apple
Gala September 15th Eating Red-Pink apple, sweet, good in
McIntosh September 27th Eating & Cooking Red-Green apple, semi-tart, sweet
Honeycrisp September 30th Eating Pink-Yellow apple, sweet, good in salads
Empire October 7th Eating & Cooking Red-Green apple, sweet-tart
Cortland September 22nd Eating & Cooking Red-Green apple, sweet-tart
Jonathan October 13th Eating & Cooking Red apple, tart-sweet
Jonagold October 13th Eating & Cooking Red-Yellow apple, sweet-tart
Golden Delicious October 15th Eating & Cooking Yellow apple, sweet
Red Delicious October 18th Eating & Cooking Red apple, sweet
Ida Red October 22nd Eating & Cooking Red-Green apple, sweet tart
Cameo October 12th Eating Red-Green apple, sweet
Northern Spy October 10th Cooking Green apple, tart
Mutsu October 20th Eating & Cooking Green-Yellow apple, tart
Fuji October 28th Eating Green-Pink apple, sweet
Granny Smith October 24th Eating & Cooking Green apple, tart