• 2018 Growers of the Year
    Phil and Judy Schwallier are passionate about preserving America's agricultural heritage and sharing it with people from all walks of life. They have been honored with the 2018 Fruit Grower(SM) Apple Grower of the Year award.
  • Ripe for the Pickin'
    Fall... prime time for apples and so much more. You can't beat a day filled with cider, donuts and more fun than you can shake a stick at.
    Stop by for some of these beauties.
  • Busy Bees, Sweet Honey
    What could be sweeter than honey? Knowing that ours is locally harvested. Pure and fresh, from our hive to your home.
    Stop in to our store for honey and more.
  • Savor Simple Pleasures.
    At Schwallier's Country Basket, you'll find treats for all your senses. Sun-dappled orchards. Homemade donuts. Fresh-pressed apple cider. Soft, playful baby animals.
    Visit our petting farm.
  • Get lost. (And found.)
    Unwind by losing yourself in the fun of our giant corn maze. Who knows? You may even find that the joy is in the journey.
    Prepare to be a-maze-d.